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Dazed and confused- Wiring and Neutral Issues


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Hey Guys


So I need some assistance please.

This is my setup:

Axpert King 3,2kw Inverter

2x 200ah Gel batteries

3 Phase DB- where the following is applied-

- The inverter is powered from Phase 3

- Selected Lights and Plugs have been reconfigured to run off the inverter

- Physically they are not on the same Phase as the Inverter, yet they are all connected off the neutral bar from the inverter

Between the DB, Inverter and Batteries I have-

- change over switch (Eskom or Batteries)

- earth leakage

- over current breaker


My issues:

- the installation by a qualified electrician has exceeded 16 hours on site with a system partly functional

- initially after wiring up the Inverter and on testing the board kept tripping- this continued for around the 1st 6 hours

- the assumed culprits were back feeds, dead neurtrals combined/ shared neutrals etc.

- after the tripping issues were resolved by tracing and separating neutrals the system could run as intended

- the next issue is two separate circuits- one a plug circuit and the other a light circuit won't work off the inverter

- both circuits show 220v on the output side when Eskom is down and the inverter is active- yet they don't work


So any ideas?

I have spent the equivalent of 16hours on electrician costs with a system that does not meet my needs.

Any help would be appreciated.




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