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Growatt and dyness battery drain

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Hi all. 

I need a little help with my current system. 
installed roughly 6 months ago. 

1x Growatt 5000TL HVM-P

3 x dyness 2,4kw B4850 In parallel. 

connected as the pictures attached 

NO PV in the system. Only using it as backup for load shedding.

BMS Seems to be working as I made up the comms cable form diagram sent by growatt and no errors are given. dip switch on master is 0110spacer.png

the only issue I have is that after 6 months the bottom battery in the system suddenly drained to zero SOC as shown in the monitoring  and the battery led lights.  I removed that battery from the system and the same thing happened to the next battery.

Please Help.


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@Dyness Thank you for the explanation, I was seeing something similar even though I have PV installed.

I was using SUB mode to keep the batteries charged in the face of loadshedding and trees falling over and taking out power lines and the grid failing due to increased consumption with cold weather.

what happened is that I would think I have 60% battery but in actual fact I had 20%. So I decided to change the charge source to solar first so that grid would charge the batteries when solar was not enough.

but then a new problem started when the full battery was sitting idle would give my inverter an error 8 and causing it to stop working. So no matter how the battery is charged I start discharging when it's full and rinse and repeat.

So it seems the batteries need to be cycled even when used as a UPS.

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