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My Solar install - Infini+Solar Frontier

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Hi Guys.

My solar system has been running for almost a month now

System comprises of;

Renesola Replus 3KW+ Hybrid inverter (Rebranded Infinisolar with 2 year warranty)+SNMP Card+Mecer A890 Tablet

12 x 170W Solar Frontier CIS Solar panels (3 strings of 4 running at 350-450V and 6.6 Amps)

4 x OmniPower 180Ah AGM+GEL VLRA Lead Acid Batteries with 100Amp Terminal fuses

Victron BMV702 + Temp Monitor

6 x 170W panels + Geyserwise MPPT connection to Titanium PTC Element in 200L Geyser producing 70 Degree water on most days.


House is currently producing 10-11KWh per day and consuming 10-15KWh per day.

DB Board with transfer switch and Red+Blue light showing Eskom and inverter status.








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