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what voltage DC surge protector to use on a Sunsynk mppt string


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1 hour ago, Tariq said:

i have access to a 1000 volt spd, will that work or is it like a circuit breaker that protects the wire, the current rating is less than the wire current carrying capacity

To my knowledge the 1000V SPD will discharge any voltage bigger than 1000V the closer you can get to your mppt voltage of 500V the better. 600VDC SPD’s would probably be better than 1000VDC but if you already have 1000V you might as well just go with them. These SPD’s are normally rated 20 to 40KA so they can  withstand lots of Amps before they fail. They are designed to keep the high voltages away not amperage. 

I have 600 VDC SPD’s on my Axpert that is only rated 115VDC and it has taken quite a few lightning strikes that had me worried at times but it seems to be doing its job. 

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