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Solar power system to run a fridge and few lights

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Good Day

I have put together a few solar systems for a few lights and charging cellphones.

However I need to put a system together to run a fridge and a few lights for a few hours.

No idea where to start.

What solar panels to get, inverter needed, solar controller etc.

Any advice appreciated.

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Start with power needed. 

Hours x watts ( 1 x Fridge 24hrs x 500w + lights 5 hrs x 10 leds x 5w etc) 

Peak power drawn (fridge +dishwasher +washing machine running simultaneously). This will determine Inverter. 

Determine day vs night usuage to indicate storage (battery size) 

Calculate daily usuage (utility bill / 30 days for estimate) this will indicate solar panels needed. 

Then speak to Steve from the @Powerforum Store for a good deal on  equipment. (I love my Sunsynk + Hubble combo) 

You can do the install yourself but still need to fork out R2000 for a COC. 

Speak to @leshenif you're not a DIY guy. 

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On 2021/03/09 at 10:49 AM, Corne Landsberg said:

Good day.

You can look at a 24v 3Kw system. 

24V Pylontech battery with a 3Kw Synaps inverter. A complete pack would cost you about R22000.00, depending on the items you need for the system

Surely the pylontech 24v battery would almost cost that?

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On 2021/03/15 at 11:28 AM, Gremlin said:

Surely the pylontech 24v battery would almost cost that?

No they're about R17k nowadays.

Also consider the HOSELECT 24V battery if the Pylontech is too expensive. You may need a BMV/ICC though to determine state of charge. 900W of panels should be enough.

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