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From Amateur to dumped in the deep end...

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Hey all! Not totally new to solar, but pretty new to all the advancements since 2008. From 2008 or round then, I started buying panels off a popular auction website. Little did I know that planned blackouts were on the cards then. Anyways, new house now and the house was sold with an existing solar installation, pretty meagre installation but so much room for expansion! Axpert 5KVa, 4x 200ah  AGM deep cycle batteries and 1800W worth of pv on the roof. 1st thoughts were to upgrade the pv to run more during the day, but noticed during blackouts backup time had reduced. Pretty miff. 2yr old AGMs had a problem. Bought a diy lithium kit recently and waiting for the next bought of blackouts. Can see already though with my ICC software that these batteries(lithium) are working. I found it odd that I'd get an hour or so backup with 4 AGMs,then on restoration of elec, in half an hour the batteries said full. Even more concerning, then, was how small the lithium pack was compared to the 4x AGM monsters.

Been lurking on this forum for a while now. Gained so much already. Thanks to so many posters! Helped in a big way.


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