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Help wanted in Pretoria East

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Hi all, my solar system has been running for a year now and I am not satisfied with the performance I am getting. I am looking for an expert to check the batteries, check the panels and most of all program the inverters for what I want (not - "the default is the best setting").

If nothing else, tell me I was talked into a dumb deal. I am quite happy to pay for a sensible report.

Please contact me off-line. Thanks.

·         18x 340W/375WP A++MULTIC PERc SCHR 50VP panels

·         2x HYBRD SMRT+SchAexKl 5KW 48V9KVAP 6KVAP MPT 1/3PHAPROG manufactured 12 2019 from the label

·         8x Schubart 6-GFM-240J 12V 240AH

·         1x Geyser collector panelRetr150/215LP BlackCobal2M EFFITEMP/HP

·         1x Circulation G-Pump 12VDC 10L/min2.5M head 100CelsiusBR

·         1x Solar panel 10 Watt SM ADVANCED A+GRAD 18 VOC

Previously installed GeyserWise

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Tell us what you are getting and then we can tell you if you're expecting too much...

Panels facing N,S,E,W? Shade from trees? Parallel or in series? etc...

How much power are you generating ?

As a thumbsuck, between 4-6 X PV installed is what you should be getting depending on season and if your system is "balanced" wrt. panels and inverter capacity.

I have 6075W PV installed, but i get a maximum of 36kW on a perfectly clear cold, day...For the rest I'm averaging about 4 X installed PV per day (weather etc) but that's because my inverter only pushes a nominal of 4.8- 4.9kW (excluding power to recharge batteries)..If the batteries require charging it will push another 2kW into the batteries to reach max panel production of 6200W.

I also have a geyserwise+evac tubes, its only good for 1 geyser to 70C in summer, cloudy and it drops to 50C...

See below to compare output.


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