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Where to dispose LifePO4 batteries?


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1 hour ago, PurePower said:

Where in Johannesburg can one dispose/recycle Lithium/LifePO4 batteries? I have a few lying around that no longer works and want to dispose of them properly. 

Any advice/recommendations? 

I would go to my nearest Pikitup depot and have a word with them. You'll be surprised at what they will accept. My local depot accepts all the usual recyclables plus "e-waste" (that's your old cell phones and TVs), used cooking oil, used car oil, asbestos (by arrangement)...

One Sunday morning a couple of years ago I woke up early, decided to do some weeding around my driveway, and I saw a 25 liter drum standing in the middle of the row with a skull and crossbones on it and all sorts of other nasty warnings about whatever was inside. I went down to Pikitup and asked them who I should call. They said they had a special poison substances disposal unit, and as it was a weekend  we agreed I whould put on as much protective gear as I could find (overalls and gardening gloves), put the drum in a car, drive down to them very carefully and they would store it for collection on the Monday.

Those guys are underrated. They provide a good service.

They also have a service to, by arrangement, pick up items that are too heavy for you to move.

So Pikitup are who I would try first.

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