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 i have recently installed INFINI 3K PLUS. with 3600W pv input. i am facing a problem with my Grid electricity. its frequency is not at all stable. it jumps till 50.5 but the volts r stable around 227V. the reason of unstable grid frequency is my community  uses Generator to fill the huge load gap in summers. i wanted to aks u if i could change the maximum Frequency settings? will it harm the inverter? if it is safe plz let me know the Factory Password to change the Max. frequency settings.

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Welcome to the forum Sarfaraz.

Far as I know, it should be possible,

Someone will be around shortly to help but it may be slow as it is a holiday today, Womans Day, here where most of us reside.


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It's safe to widen the frequency range a bit, as much as is required, but stay below 53hz as most grid tied equipment us expected to shut down at that frequency. I don't know view to change it, I seem to recall a password is needed. There are people here who knows the password :-)

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