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Goodwe Inverter Firmware GW5048D-ES


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It is done remotely by GoodWe nowadays.

I submitted a ticket on https://support.goodwe.com/portal/en/home to which they responded really quick, and they scheduled it next day for 5pm if I accepted the date/time. And the next day just before 5pm my inverter rebooted with the new firmware.

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Thanks Tinuva- the remote upgrade worked exceptionally well. The documentation still indicates accessing the usb port and doing a manual upgrade and my installer did not do this. I confirm that creating account and submitting a ticket on support.goodwe was simple. I registered as owner, created a non-urgent ticket (more info needed, everything working OK)...and I  was astounded that I received an email reply in 4 minute indicating firware will be pushed and inverter will re-boot. 10 minutes later all done. Fantastic service. Firmware 1212114/0 upgraded to 1222215/0.  I was having some intermittent Wifi disconnect issues so that data was not being logged to the SEMS cloud and hopefully this will resolve it (the SEMS profile looked scary as the drop in data recording made it appear on SEMS that the battery totally discharge to 0%). Will report back if there are any remianing problems, otherwise all is working well and Im very pleased that there is no fan noise from the inverter as its near my office. My setup is 6.48KWp Solar PV (540Wx12 in east-west array), 4.6KW Goodwe GW 5048D-ES, 7.4KWh SolarMD battery)

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