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Hoymiles 1500w Microinverter

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The DTU pro wifi at around 4K and the 1500w inverter around 4.5k

Will have final numbers when I have to pay the duties and VAT in 2 weeks :)

The shipping cost from DHL is pushing the price. If I bring in a container via sea freight it will be half the price.


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Hi PeanuTG


I was also interested in the 1500w Hoymiles and I asked Ellies when they would get stock, they told me a similar story to what Vassen said, we need to sell the stock we have. If you don't mind where did you buy from (was it Aliexpress), I might be keen to get 2 of these as I already have 1 x 1200w and the DTU.

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On 2021/04/01 at 11:56 AM, Paulcupine said:

Is the DTU required for operation, or just a way of monitoring?

It’s required for monitoring and for zero export. If you don’t need this, just connect panels to it and connect to grid via the necessary switching / protection and it works perfectly. 

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