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Mixing old and new batteries on a 24V system


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Our estate uses   24V Mecer lookalikes, with 2 * 12V 105AH Enertec deep cycle batteries.

A very common event is that 1 battery gets tired after 2-3 years, and either will not hold a charge, or will not charge beyond 12.5V

I know it is not good practice to replace 1 battery only, as the batteries are now unbalanced, but most of the above failures are due to unbalancing anyway.

What is the worst that can happen if one replaces 1 battery only, and monitor the balancing going forward with a voltmeter?

If the older battery fails, it was due to be replaced anyway.

If the new battery fails, that would be a good reason not to mix batteries, but why would it fail if the charge voltage was correct?

I am trying to avoid scrapping a battery that still has a few years life, or is this really not a good idea?

Would welcome your views.



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