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MPP Solar (Infini Solar) 10K - too much from grid


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Hello everyone,

I have succesfully installed MPP Solar 10K with 15x 270Wp PV panels.

- Here is a picture how I did the wiring - https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwh0v0hd6z07byp/Bez%20n%C3%A1zvu.png?dl=0

- The grid switch is 3f without N, because I have circuit breaker after inverter.



The thing is that today was a sunny day and I found out that my PV side is doing great - 3,5kW, but I have eastron SDM630 meter and it looks like that same power, what is comming from PV panels it takes from L3 phase from grid.

here is a picture of the Eastron meter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0v6wphzttk56zl/IMG_20210330_134215.jpg?dl=0

- the picture was taken while PV side was about 3kW. Once I powered off the PV side, it went down to the 0,8 - 1A, but when I powered it back, it again show cca 11A on Phase 3. Phase 2 and 1 stayed same.


Do you have any idea why is it is doing?  Is there any wrong setup? 

House was in the standby mode, so I believe it should be almost zero, when it takes the power from PV. I dont have battery yet, but I am working on it.


Thank you for any hints, I will be very happy!! :)




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