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Transfer time

Francois TMS



I have a maccer 5kva inverter(voltronic inverter). I have the probleme that computers is shutting down when the inverter does a transfer. I know the king inverters has a 0 transfer time but except for changing the inverter is there any way too maintain power during transfers?

My thoughts where to connect a capacitor on the load side to smooth the transfer out. Another option is to add several smaller ups's but this is kind of defying the point of installing the 5kva inverter in the first place.

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A capacitor on the load AC side will not work well I don't think. DC applications yes but on AC you are shifting the pf and I don't know that you would notice the result on your PC power supply as most just rectify straight to DC then step down. You could go into your pc power supply and beef up the capacitors on the DC side but that's a lot of effort. Check your setting 03, it should be UPS not APL for the faster transfer time.

Adding smaller UPS is not defying the point in my opinion. A UPS is designed to be non interruptible for critical loads for a brief period of time to allow either safe shut down or bridging of transfer time between generation sources. An inverter is designed, in most cases, to supply power from battery/solar but most market as themselves as being a UPS as well to maximise sales and often they can act like this, it just depends how sensitive your equipment is.

I personally have a small cheap modified sine wave unit with a fast response time to cover my critical loads such as internet, a couple of lights and TV for the worst case of slow switching or dead inverter. This was my previous backup before I installed my 5KVA. Saying that I have my 5KVA (VMIII) set on UPS and have never noticed the transfer time.

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