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Renesola Replus SineON IH3KW inverter issue, can anyone shed some light


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Hi there all

Been lurking around on the forum for a while. Found it to be very informative and very relevant to the subject on generating our own electricity.

I have started my solar journey a few years back with only a "UPS" system. Since then changed out batteries and inverter and added solar panels. 


I however have a challenge with my solar system (more detail on system further down) that I just can’t pin point the real culprit to it acting the way it does.


I trust there is someone out there that can assist to get this sorted.


It does the following:


During daytime when the solar panels produce energy, the inverter seems to start cutting back solar production and then “disconnects” the solar panel production from the inverter. All loads are then supplied by the grid.


The section encircled in red starts to flash and no error messages appear.


Its stays” disconnected” for hours at a time. The way I can get it to “connect” again is to disconnect the solar panels (by solar isolator/breaker) and connect again. When that is done, the solar panels start producing again.


It has been doing that on and off since the installation last year. However in the past week it disconnected every day.


·         When it happens no fault code or any error messages appear on the inverter.

·         No temperature issues to be noted on the recorded data.

·         No strange activities on the recorded data to be found that can be linked to a possible cause.

·         No strange sounds from the inverter.

·         No overloading.


My system consists of the following:


·         Renesola Replus SineON IH3KW inverter. (Apparent rebranded Infinisolar)

·         11 off 250W solar panels, all in series (within voltage range of inverter). All facing north, no obstructions.

·         Modbus card with coms to SDM630 meter to manage grid feedback to ±0.

·         1 off 4.8kW LiFePO4 batterie.

·         Still “old style” electricity meter. However only meters in one direction.

·         “Non-essential” loads before the inverter.

·         “Essential loads” after the inverter.


I run the inverter in Grid tie with backup (II) with settings as per use with SDM630 as external current sensor. This allows me to supply solar power to my “non-essentials”, but not to the grit. This works fairly well, apart from the issue described.


I have tired the following:


·         Change out the Modbus card.

·         Moved the coms cable between the Modbus card and SDM630 meter further away from the AC lines.

·         Tried various “feeding grid power calibration“ values.

·         Disconnected solar panels in sets from the solar circuit to try to eliminate a possible panel acting up.

·         Checked all connections.


None of the above has proven to be the cause for this behavior.


I did the installation myself, so there is no one I can say to: “get it sorted”, apart from saying it to myself.


Anyone else with a similar setup that experienced such issues? I did notice that there are guys on the forum that do/did run similar inverters.


I simply just don’t want to replace my inverter without understanding the issue, or getting it sorted.


I will be very grateful for any advice to get this sorted. Do ask questions, I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Also welcome to contact me privately.

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Hi Buyeye

Thanks for the questions.

The range for the inverter is as follow:


Herewith a graph of such an event. The data is from the "SolarPower" software used to setup and record data from the inverter.



I draw the graph using Excel. 

The sampling rate fairly low. Function of system. Can't adjust.

The "PV input" power and "Load power" is on the secondary Y axis.

As you can see the load is not excessive.

The PV voltage is on the Y axis.

I do notice that the voltage did drop to 208V at 10:18 ???????? The "shut down" however happened ±5 minute later????

I will check the other events on the other days if that also happened. This will take me some time to analyze.

These "events" happens on clear sunny days with no cloud or other know (at this stage 🤔) issues???

What gets to me is that it do not at this stage find a clear reason for the event, and worse, it does not recover by itself after the event.

What do you see/think?


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Hi Buyeye

Thanks for looking at the data.

The challenge is not the load that drops, or that the load reach a certain value.

If there are no supply from the panels, there will also be no "load".  The system "disconnected" the supply from the solar panels at ±10:23 on above graph.

The "disconnect" of the solar generation and not connecting again is the issue.


My thoughts at this stage make me think that it got something to do with the grid balancing. The inverter simply decided to disconnect the solar panels. This is really a pain.

It did it again today. The system only produced 1.9kW.h for the day. It "disconnected" at ±11:00. The previous day it was working fine.


Herewith a graph of 30 March. You will notice it "disconnected" the solar production at ±09:25.☹️. From then on no supply to the loads or any solar power generation ("PV input power").



Here is a graph of 1 April (no joke). It "disconnected" the solar supply at ±09:24.😟 From then on no supply to the loads or any solar power generation ("PV input power").


Any thoughts, and a possible cause for this behavior? Anyone out there that experienced something similar?


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