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Aerox 1.2KVA issue with Limited PV input

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I have an Aerox 1.2KVA Inverter with (2) Solar PV 450W connected in sequence (attached photos).

my cable length are 15 m, 6mm thickness.

I apply a load about 650W to the inverter,
my problem is the input watt from PV at mid-noon on sunny days does not exceed 460W !
In this situation the battery discharge to handle the applied load which is unacceptable to me.

The following link is a video to describe the situation:
Please Help me in this matter.



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On 2021/04/07 at 9:03 AM, Kalahari Meerkat said:

I would try paralleling the panels for higher current and lower voltage, the sticker reads 102VDC max for the inverter, but this does not tell the whole story, it may be better at a lower voltage and higher current.

Thanks alot. 

I succeeded to get input 705w from PV solar at paralleling connections.

my only problem now is when I apply a load more than 500w the solar PV input decrease from 700w to 490w.

The MPPT temperature is about 56 c



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Check setting 31, Solar Power Balance; it should be on the default value of SbE.

What might be happening is that your solar charge controller is maxing out at 50 A output. When the battery is charging, that's 14 V x 50 = 700 W. With a larger load, the battery voltage could drop, although I would not expect it to drop below 12 V while still charging. 12 V x 50 A is still 600 W.

Is you battery in good shape?

Are your battery cables good and fat? They should be at least 35 mm², preferably 50 mm². 1200 W at 12 V is 100 A; with inefficiency and cable voltage drops, the load would be well over 100 A at times. Check for excessive voltage drop across your cables, battery terminals, fuse, isolation switch, etc.

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