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had a bit of a setback

one of the inverters did not work and had to be send back to SunSynk for their inspection - the installer (Leshen) took it out of the box and when he installed it he noticed a problem - he contacted Steve(Powerforum) from whom I bought everything and reported it - when they energised the system it showed a fault - just a pity that I now sit with 12 x 305w panels for a couple of days not working and I dont know when will I get my new Inverter back

the RIOT that we bought from Hubble also turned out to be a nightmare - cannot get it connected to the batteries

called Hubble and they referred us to RIOT systems which also just don't help us - poor show Hubble


Leshen and his team did wonders and I am so gratefull to them but a big "disappointment" from Powerforum and Hubble

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Hi Frans,

Sorry to hear that, the RIOT just connects the the master battery and will see all the batteries in parallel. Should really not be hard to install. 

Herewith the manual. I will ask one of the techs from RIOT to give you a call and get it all connected. Please PM me your contact details.

RIOT CloudLink Installation Manual 2_1_8.pdf

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