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A newish system upgrade


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I dont know that you could call a one and a half year old system newish anymore ( at the rate technology is moving forward) 

Anyway, I need some advice.

12 panels on the roof (dont have any details )

A 5 kva meccer inverter SOL-1-AX-5KP

4 X 240 AMP/HR (48V)OMNIPOWER AGM batteries.

During the day you can switch off the power and the system runs for hours (I am assuming the solar panels are producing enough power) 

Load shedding kicks in at 6 pm ... 1 hour later the system shuts down ... the load varies from around 5-6 amps increasing to around 12 amps for a short period of time ...  with short bursts of around 18-24 amps.

2 of the batteries were replaced recently ... I have read that you are not suppose to replace 2 batteries.

Do we unload the batteires and replace with lithium ... are the 240 amp AGM worth anything?

Do we unload the inverter and batteries and upgrade to a better system with remote access and monitoring?

Do we double up the battery AGM capacity ... add shunts and battery balancers and devices to imporve remote monitoring to try determine ways to improve the system ... is it even worth the hassle?

What would you do? 

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