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Newbie question - Mecer 3KVA inverter AC input before or after E/L

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Hi everyone, 

There is so much useful information here it is great! But it has made me confused!

I thought I had my wiring plan sorted - would anyone be able to confirm which on the attached images is the correct way to go, from my reading/understanding the AC input to the inverter must be before the main DB E/L. The sub-DB (inverter DB) must have and E/L after the main breaker.

I will be moving the L & N lines for the inverter supplied circuts to the sub-DB - at this stage I am not installing a changeover switch, this will come in the next few weeks and therefore is not shown in the attached.

Battery supply is also not shown, I do have batteries with a correctly sized fuse on the positive DC line.


Circut Plan - EL #1.png

Circut Plan - EL #2.png

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