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Mecer Axpert 5kVA 5000W ineverter max solar panels?

Hein S Venter


Hi All

I have two Mecer Axpert 5kVA 5000W inverters, with one Narada 4.8kVA Lithium battery. My PV array is as follows:

1) One string of 9x 270W panels, configured 3+3+3 connected in serial and then the three serial sets, all connected in parallel (i.e. three parallel sets, where each set is connected in serial), going to Inverter 1, generating a total of 9x270W=2430W.

2) One string of 12x 270W panels, configured 3+3+3+3 connected in serial and then the four serial sets, all connected in parallel (i.e. four parallel sets, where each set is connected in serial), going to Inverter 2, generating a total of 12x270W=3240W.

So, in total I currently have a 5670W system. But, now I want to upgrade. I was wondering if I could do the following:

3) Join current strings number 1 and 2 above in parallel to be input on a single inverter and place some kind of controller on it to "limit" the 5670W to 5000W, so that it does not generate more than the max as required by a single inverter, because I am afraid I will pop the inverter if I give more than 5000W to it. Technically this would be a "waste" of some panels, but my reasoning behind this is that I would be able to generate a bit more power on cloudy days. I understand that my joining of the two strings into inverter 1 needs to be proper with a thicker cable leading into inverter 1, and I realise the controller needs to sit before inverter 1. My question is here, what kind of controller is necessary for this? What are they called? What brands and rating perhaps?

4) Then I want to buy 12x360W=4320W and connect them into a string in a similar combination as my current string 2 above. Since this would generate lees than 5000W, I guess I would not need such a controller as suggested in 3 above. I simply connect it with a thick-enough cable to inverter 2.

5) I also want to add another 4.8kVA Lithium Narada battery so I now have two lithium batteries in parallel.

Will my logic work for my upgrade? Are there any cautions or advice on what I am trying to achieve?

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