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Infini 10 kw 3phase inverter error 90. How do I solve the error. Mustek tells me the mainboard needs to be replaced but the inverter was repaired by them and suddenly stopped working and displaying code 90. Isnt it a mismatch of serialnrs

Dawie Viljoen


Good Day, I'm new to the discussion group and messed up the question. I Apologise. Lets try again.

I have 3 Infini 10kw 3phase inverters in parallel. The one inverter suddenly started displaying an error code 90. The particular inverter has been sent to Mustek on 4 occasions costing a pretty penny. Mustek told me to bring the inverter in to replace the main board. The research that I have done seems to be that there is a mismatch of serial nrs. 

Is there anybody that can help me to resolve this problem or give me guidance? Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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On 2021/04/30 at 6:30 PM, Dawie Viljoen said:

Mustek told me to bring the inverter in to replace the main board.

The Infinis at least have several boards, rather than one giant one and a few tiny ones (like Axperts). So maybe that's not such a bad thing. But only if it really does get fixed that way. I have doubts.

Maybe they've been replacing the control boards with ill-programmed new ones. If so, it's really their fault (or the manufacturers) that it's not fixed.

Difficult when you can't trust your supplier to do the right thing, and they are the only ones that can help.

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