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Underfloor heating still on despite being disconnected


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Hey Guys. 

My house has underfloor heating through out. There are 6 individual breakers at the DB. 

My issue is that despite all the circuit breakers being set to off and also, physically switching each room off on the controller on the wall- I still get hot spots. In warmer weather it is hard to notice, yet today with it being cold it is very noticeable. 


Any ideas how I can disconnect them permanently? 



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I'll share some experiences here.

In a previous home we had a warm spot in the kitchen. As you note, it wasn't so easily discerned in the summer. We didn't have underfloor heating though, so I'd got as far as figuring out it was something to do with a hot water pipe. What I hadn't figured out was that the pipe shouldn't be constantly warm that far from the geyser. We had a leak. That was water being wasted, damage on my bill, and explained a damp patch elsewhere in the house. So maybe it isn't an electrical problem.

In our current home we had a problem with some plugs I couldn't isolate via the breakers on the DB. To make matters worse, they started losing power at certain times of the day. Long story short: The sparkie who fitted these plugs for some reason took a short cut and rather than run a cable all the way to a breaker on the DB, he hooked them up to the geyser. The outages were caused by the municipal ripple switch turning off the geyser and thus the plug points. So sometimes people you trust to do a proper job will take a short cut and you end up with puzzling things such as I have just described.

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