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Axpert Max 8kW Inverter...


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Greetings Braintrust - I'd be curious to hear your comments on the Axpert Max (8kW version) - from a build perspective - to the smaller units, It is  cut above the 3kVA and 5kVA units and seems to be a professional and neat solution. 

It is the first time that I've seen the Watchpower app in operation via the built-in Wifi module - does anyone know if the app can send out alerts/notifications  (for example when utility AC fails and the unit operates on batteries - as well as any other alarm/functional issues).

Any other comments (positive/negative) on the unit would be greatly valued!



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Hey VaughanT there is quite a long discussion on this in a Spanish forum. I will try to post the link. Saving you the time to read through all 15 odd pages: the 7.2kw was the prototype & the 8kW is the extension of this. They just added a few extra bits to it to expand the power output. But the gutts are pretty much similar, from what is posted on there. 

The Watch power app does not spot out notifications but you can monitor what is going on as well as make changes to the settings remotely. I have a set of 2 X Max in Parallel & I have used the app with much success & this has really made a huge difference because the requirements to be onsite to affect changes in settings is no longer required. 




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