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Deye 8kW Inverter - BMS options for DIY battery bank?


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Is anyone here using a Deye inverter with a DIY LiFePO4 battery bank?

My battery bank consists of 32x 280Ah EVE prismatic cells. I have 16 cells wired in series, which give me 2x 280Ah 48V banks.

I'm having a hard time finding a BMS that is compatible with the Deye Inverter.

I've read that Batrium and Orion **might** work, but I was hoping for something solid before purchasing.


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Hi SSean. What was your original plan when you purchased the cells? Which BMS did you opt for? You can always place the inverter onto User Battery settings. Not a perfect solution but not so far off & remember the BMS ultimately always is the last gatekeeper. Yes it's voltage based but adding something like a Smartshunt will give you an accurate SoC & this can be used to refine settings on the Inverter as you go along. 


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