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Grey water Usage


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At the moment water has become a premium 

This was very vividly experienced by a nursing home in our community when the ran out of water as the the municipal also ran dry

They have ample rainwater tanks but rain has also been absent for a long time

The laundry uses the  most water 

So this is what I am trying to ascertain;

Is there a way to treat the water from the laundry to be used again ... it need not be potable

I found this on the internet

Class A recycled water

Following the successful trial of Class A recycled water for clothes washing, Western Water’s Board has approved the use of recycled water in the laundry in estates with dual supply. In many new residential estates in Western Water’s service region,

Class A recycled water is currently used for residential garden watering, toilet

flushing, fire protection, irrigation of public land and food crops.

The use of Class A recycled water for clothes washing has been approved by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Environmental Protection Authority(EPA).

This use is already implemented in different regions across Australia


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Nice idea to save some water, find my washing machine also kills my poor JOJO tanks and also wanted something where I could reuse the water too. 


I think the biggest thing is, how much water are we talking about and what is the budget (Assume with the nursing home budget is not very big). Also what are your thoughts of using the water? Gardens, re-use for washing, etc ? 

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The thing is water is scarce (no municipal no rain)  so if the washing machine water can be cleaned enough to be recycled for washing it will make a big difference in the water requirement and the water need not be potable

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15 minutes ago, JohanG said:

cleaned enough to be recycled

Major filtering and then distilling? maybe, not sure how much water would be lost in the process and not sure how big an affair this would be to construct, the distilling should be driven by sunlight, assuming there's enough sunshine to do this...

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Hi Johan. Did you have a look at this idea? If you can stop flushing toilets with potable water, you can save a lot of water and still water the garden. To filter grey water for storage cost quite a bit and lots of money.  


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