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Installation Standards


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Hi Guys.


This forum has been my number 1 place to come and read.  I like reading forums and learning from other peoples 1'st hand experience.


I have been tasked by my father in law to make sure that our 1 property we want to start renting out, gets a hybrid solar installation completed before we start advertising the property as "to rent"


I've done my own solar installations at my house to my best knowelage and with help from this forum
PV Powered Borehole pump
PV Powered Geyserwise Controller solution
18x 365W Canadian Sun PV Panels, 8kva Deye inverter, 3x US3000C Pylontech Batteries.


Now to my point:  Where can I find a copy or a guideline as to the requirements/correct way of installing a brand new installation.




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Here is a list of good practice/stds that should be followed, they are not mine I copied them from another forum members post but cannot find the post now;

1) AC and DC conductors shall not be in the same trunking | 6.1.10, 3.85, 6.1.7,6.4.1, good practice
2) Protection devices shall be DC rates (see other post, very well explained) |
3) Correct protection and cable selection for batteries |
4) All DC cables must be labelled accordingly | Clause 7.12.x somewhere
5) The neutral shall not be earthed beyond an earth leakage |
6) a TN-S system shall not be converted to a TN-C system |
7) If a system is a hybrid and can operate in island mode, the earth leakage on the plug circuits shall be tested when inverter is islanded. Where applicable a earth-neutral bond (via relay) shall be installed to ensure proper operation of the earth leakage during grid loss events. | Clause 7.12.3
😎 Notice/Labelling to indicate alternate supply, this includes that all “back-up” circuits be specifically and clearly labelled. | Clause
Alternate supply short circuit current taken into account with main incoming short circuit currents | Clause
9) Earth Leakage installed after the inverter output | Clause
10) Correct Surge Protection has been installed on all DC and AC components as required by the lightning risk assessment
11) Neutral bar shall be split between council supply and on-site supply | Clause
13) Solar panel frame and structure shall be bonded to the consumer earth | Clause 7.12
14) Where single core conductors are used, such conductors for each circuit shall be tied together at intervals to ensure identification, unless another suitable
arrangement is employed. | Clause 7.12
15) All DC (string cables) to be in conduits or where applicable affixed to the structure (no matter if they are UV rated)
16) All DC string cables to be labelled accordingly and voltage levels indicated on both the cable ends and the Distribution board. Note both operating voltage (max) and allowable voltage for the system on the DB board.
17) In addition it shall be recognised that the supply from each inverter,battery arrangement and PV panel (or identified clustered group), constitutes
a supply, and requires arrangements similar to point of supply, which shall include switch-disconnection arrangements and shall comply with 7.12.5.
18) Does the CoC specifically include mention of the Alternative Supply? Has all the appropriate boxes been ticked and the description made specific to in the PV installation?

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