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For sale: Double conversion UPS 3000 VA, 2700 W. Requires 8x 12V batteries. Location Jhb.


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Selling on behalf of a friend. 


Double conversion UPS 3000 VA, 2700 W - high frequency inverter. True sine wave. Suited for office or server room environment. 

Model  PM11-HF03E-100S

Is true  Online UPS so zero switching time from AC to battery operation.

Built in surge protection and lightning protection and LCD display.

Note that it does require 96V DC ie 8x 12V batteries pref 100AH. 96V is nice in that you only need relatively thin DC leads from battery and likewise the battery interlinks. 

I don't see why it could not work with a 24V lithium battery from eg LBSA but I have not tried it. The inverter has no communications port though. 

It does not come with the batteries or the battery box - although a plan can be made to collect the battery box from my mate if required. 

In perfect working order. Was removed and replaced with Goodwe and Pylontechs.  

Location - Jhb East. 

It is a current model still available from the supplier Powerman UPS based in Honeydew Gauteng. 

For further info on the unit, see  PowerMan the leading UPS company in Africa 

New dealer price without batteries is R 8 607.25 incl VAT 

Price R5000 ONCO. 

Shipping yes - at your cost. 

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Price bump... R4500

Note that this is a commercial/industrial grade inverter, used in high end server or sensitive equipment applications.  

Correction to an error in my earlier comment, obviously this inverter won't work with a 24V battery.  I meant a 32S LiFePo4 battery ! 

This is a 32S BMS which could do the job very well... LBSA (DALY) BMS 120A 32S 100V LifePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate | Lithium Batteries South Africa (lithiumbatteriessa.co.za)

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