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Inverter with remote viewing


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I have one of the older Axpert type inverters, 5kVa 4kw. I am looking for a way to monitor the loads etc remotely via the web.

What can you recommend? Or do I need to replace the inverter..... If so what is recommended. My PV is stringed in 3's and I do not want to change this.


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You can buy off the shelve software like ICC or try this great DIY option that I use:



Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) version

USB or serial-USB Cable depending on your interface to the inverter


Solpilog - polling inverter / power information 

Telegram - On your cell! Get your inverter stats on the fly! Create a bot. Works great

Node-red - Awesome flows!

DuckDNS - To link your ever changing WAN IP to a static domain name - Stats / dashboard available as long as you have internet.

EmonCMS - Store data. Design your own custom dashboards 


Let me know and I can build you an image that you can download and try it out!Telegram.thumb.png.3ff1938758316c72e454a8bf66b58dc8.png






node red.png


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On 2021/05/28 at 9:52 AM, Namreh said:

to see status on my cellphone

Use the Telegram app. You would be able to receive automated stats or based on a query i.e. type a command and the bot will return the answer for you.

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Yes, Solpiplog will allow inverter mode switching, as well as charger mode switching too... Definitely.... I am in fact using these features and send the requests via Node Red -> Solpiplog -> Inverter...


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