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solar pallet buy share..


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Good day, 

I am in the market to buy solar panels. in the range of +-260W

My local solar shop in centurion is running a special on a pallet of 26 x 260W panels @ R6.80 ex vat so R7.752 per watt

260 x R7.752 = R2015.52 per panel. 

At the moment i only need 9 panels. Is there anybody in the area Centurion/Pretoria that might want to take a share of the pallet?

let me know then we can save money when buying together. 

or if some know any other specials at the moment please advice.

flyer attached







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I've been in that shop! In December of last year. Right across from Scamberlains... :-) One of the guys there built this really neat power-trailer using Victron equipment, had a really lekker chat with them.

Anyway, can't help you with the panels, just recognised the company.

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i will take 12 + 3 (DeepBass9) = 15

if we can get 11 more takers i will contact supplier for performa invoice to do a EFT.  

 or if you guys want to handle in cash we have to make arrangements. 

Total cost = R6.80 x 260 x 26 x vat = R52 403,52


ps: not sure if there is a time limit on the special. 

      i can still wait a couple of weeks before i "must" buy 

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9fritz +  3deepbass9 + 9 jaco + 5  kleva = 26

i can drop 1 if you really want 6 @KLEVA

Unfortunately i cant help you guys with delivery but i can keep it safe at my place for collection or we collect together at the shop.

please drop me a mail so that we can arrange payment and what will work the best for everyone. [email protected]

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Thanks guys,

I am in (for 3 or 6 whichever works). I will make a plan with collection from where-ever. Been battling to get that voltage and wattage to match my existing, so just let me know via PM about money and where to collect.

@Fritz - Will PM you email and contact info.

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