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Pylontech (Kodak) Force L1 RS232/485 comms


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Hi there,

Does any one have any experience with the Kodak (pylontech) Force L1 lithium batteires' RS232 or RS485 comms? The RJ45 port (located on the bms) is labelled RS232 / RS485.
I used "Batteryview" and have tried RS232 2 wire (oddly no GND) as per the datasheet, tried GND on serial pin 5 from RJ45, tried GND from negative battery pole. Tried Cisco RS232 console cable pinouts the same goes for RS485 and RS485 to RS232 converter. But no connection  at all.

It comes with WiFi. I connected to the web portal of the battery system but it's basic WiFi setup and server addresses. At best I managed to connect it to my solis account but that's it as I assume the data lgger is actually a solis WiFi stick and will log Solis inverter data.

I'm starting to think that debug needs to enabled in some way to get comms.

This is my first time working with the Force L1 batteries and it seems like infomation regarding them is a little vague.
Can someone with knowledge of thes batteries maybe guide me in the right direction?

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