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Not sure if we need an EV section when our "almost sister" site in Aus is basically an EV forum that added solar as a topic...

Serious EV is still out almost everyones budget in SA, I love the concept, and have fiddled there a few times myself, but even I had to concede the financial issues locally that make it near impossible. Even an EV Bicycle, home made, will set you back R40k+ doing it properly.

I did the whole "destroy the environment" thing with a bicycle, and have a 66cc 2-stroke engine on my bicycle (http://www.ecotrax.biz)... Smokes like hell, but probably (hopefully) not as bad as driving the 2.3l Merc to work every day...

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The major electric vehicle charging stations present in South Africa are: ABB, Siemens, Schneider and eFacec. None of those charging stations are manufactured locally. There are therefore, third party suppliers that bring in other charging station brands. 

Gridcars supplies re-branded charging stations. Their primary intellectual property is the back-office software that is used to monitor and control those chose charging stations. Until recently, they were the only one. There are now new entrants such as E'langa, who is pushing the Tritium charging stations, EVBackoffice and Siemens e-Car.

There is a new site that has just recently launched: www.evecosystem.com . They provide information on the local South Africa markets i.e. available cars, upcoing cars. They also have a lot of free trainings and Webinars  for those who wants to learn more about EV.


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