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Emporia Vue

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Hi Everyone

I have been looking for something to give me a view of all the power circuits in my house that integrates with Home Assistant so I can get a better view as to where I am using power. 

I saw the Nanoview @ Builders but has no way of getting the data of the device I can see.

I looked at the Sense device a while ago but the reviews of it haven't been great and the AI sounds a bit sketchy. 

I found this device from Emporia Energy that connects with Home Assistant and has 8 sensors for current, upgradeable to 16 if you buy the extra clamps.


Has anyone seen anything like this available locally? 



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So, I bought one of Amazon, arrived two weeks after order and included all duties etc so rather painless. 

Price including shipping was R2,912.94

Experience so far is pretty good although cable management is an issue! 🙂 

Has 16 x 50A and 2 x 200A CT clamps so there are LOADS of cables and clamps and space in the DB can be very cramped.

Data is by minute, Hour & Day

Integration with HASSIO is pretty good and have all the data getting pulled in so relatively happy. 

There is however no LAN option so all the data has to go to the cloud first.


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I also ordered from Amazon, similar pricing and timelines (20 days). Not sure how I will get the DB cover back on, the 200A clamp in particular is massive!


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