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Totally new to solar - which panel, battery etc to get for strip LED's ?


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I'm totally new to solar lights, have gotten a few solar flood lights but now want to install some led strip lights indoors.

Questions I have is which panel to get ? What should the power output be ? Which battery to get ? Must I get a charge controller ?

I probably want to connect a total of 5m of LED strips - can all be done from one battery and panel ?



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It really depends on the power requirements of the strip lights, how long you want them to be on for, how do you turn them on / off. 

Before getting my current system setup, I also played with the small solar panel to charge some batteries and those were then used to power some lights. 

What I realized was that it’s cheaper to just use eskom / municipal power and make a plan for loadshedding on the form of emergency lights, some strip lights connected to 12v lead acid batteries I had lying around. 

So it all depends on how much you want to spend and what’s the idea behind it. 

I also have 1 of those solar floodlights as I was too lazy to run a cable to the corner of my property. Again, it costs a lot more than if I wer to just install a 220v one but it was a lot more convenient. 

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