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Anyone got advice on building an entry level backup power system


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Hi all, I am new on the forum. I have been reading many of the posts on the forum and found them very informative. 

I want to put together a basic backup power system. Have looked at an option with a 3kw Growatt 48v inverter combined with a Shoto 2.4kwh lithium battery, or to keep it simple and perhaps something I can re-use later when I eventually go the full solar route, a Mecer Hybrid 1200 W inverter combined with a Mecer 12V lithium battery. The latter, although 12V, could be used in the caravan later when I eventually upgrade to a full solar system. I don't plan to add any solar panels, but may do so if I moved the Mecer inverter to the caravan later on.

Ultimately 2kwh of power will be more than sufficient for what I need to cover during loadshedding, unless things get worse than they are now.

Looking for some advice please. I saw some comments of people battling with coms on the Growatt inverters. I am also no sure about the battery choice. The Mecer battery won't last as long as the Shoto but it is far cheaper and better than using a conventional deep cycle battery.

Any suggestions with putting together and entry level system?

Many thanks





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I personally like the idea of a small system now to get you through load shedding before going proper house size system later on. Something like the Mecer 1440W inverter with a couple of deep cycle batteries will go a long way during load shedding and is relatively inexpensive (R6-8k). Could opt for a better battery setup if you need more juice (Like 2 x 12V LiFePO4 batteries).

If you want to wire something into the DB, I feel it's a waste of time to do it for something temporary or that won't cover most of your needs. And if you're going that far you may as well install solar panels and actually make some money back from your investment. Cost on that option is obviously a bit more!

I don't have any experience with Growatt inverters unfortunately. One thing I do know - with the very small cost difference between 3 and 5kw inverters - get 5kw from the start. I went 3kw and while we make it work, it can be a bit painful, especially when I know how little money I saved at the time.

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