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Low flow shower heads

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Got this shower head the other day and I must say I'm extremely impressed!

5.7L/min (standard showerheads use 15L/min) but you would never guess that by the performance. There's no pressure from this thing, instead it's like standing under something between heavy rain and a small waterfall. Very nice. And best of all is knowing that if I wanted to I could shower for an hour without draining my batteries or my rain water tank.

Water, energy and gas savings are massive.

In the past, during showering, the water pump would be on constantly. Now, it takes a good minute before the pump kicks in and it only stays on for a few seconds till the pressure tank is filled up and repeats the cycle.

Had to set the gas geyser pretty much to the minimum setting at which it will still switch on (if I put it any lower the pressure differential is too small and it doesn't ignite) and in the daytime I still have to add cold water to the mix in order not to get scalded.

Don't know if there are better models are out there but I can definitely recommend this one.



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