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Sunsynk System Flow Chart


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Hi All

I cant seem to understand the System Flow Chart screen on the inverter.  Does anyone have a good reference or a pointer to something that explains it.  Or if you understand it, could you please attempt to explain it to a new inverter owner.

The left side with solar and MPPTs is straight forward.  The rest gets confusing.




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AUX is Smart Load (output) or Generator/turbine (input) or Microinverter (input) depending on what you chose to use it for. UPS is your Load output (essential loads) = Loads that will operate when grid is down.The House is your non-essential loads (ie loads that will not function when grid is down). The cup with a straw through it indicates you have a CT clamp connected to prevent feed-in. The Pylon Tower is the Grid.


Your installer should have given you a manual or a rundown of the basics.

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Just now, KeithP said:

Thanks Peter

What made it "click" for me was your explanation of UPS=Essential and house=non-essential.  Before this, what I read and watched on Youtube did not make sense.


Technically the flow chart should have 3 lines coming from the inverter. They just made it one. 

Grid which is bidirectional with the CT coil limiting any back feeding to the grid and also where the non essential loads are as indicated by the house icon. 

Ups is the essential loads supplied by solar or batteries and will be powered during grid failure. 

Aux is a configurable input or output depending on your settings. You can have it as a secondary output or use it as an input for a wind turbine, generator or micro inverter. 

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