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Jinko Solar Panel Tiger 460W Mono-Facial


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Hi bro, this question has been asked many times, try to search here on the forum and you will find how to go about connecting your panels. It doesn't matter the make , Growatt, Axpert, Sunsynk etc, your Vmp and Imp should not exceed what is specified on your inverter as the Max. For series connection, you add up your voltages (Vmp) and current remains the same as Imp. If Parallel, voltage remains the same and you have to add up your currents. If you connect two panels in series, you will have a total of 43.08 + 43.08 = 86.16v and your current will remain 10.68A. Connect the same two panels in parallel, you will have a total of 43.08V and 10.68 +10.68 = 21.36A

Your inverter user/installation manual will have the ranges for MPPT, max and min. For more info on your specific inverter, you can search the forum 

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