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AndriesH introduction, Gas, Generator & Solar

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Good morning all.

Thanks to Admin for accepting me on this forum.

I own a gas equipment supply company that includes a generator agency and we are in the process of looking to add solar as an additional energy resource to our customers.

I hold a Diploma in Heavy current Electrical Engineering (but have not been in this field since 2007) With commercial and industrial qualifications in LPG, natural gas and industrial thermo-processing equipment.

I aim to learn and share experience here and trust in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our first project (in house) will comprise the following:

Phase 1:

Axpert 5kVA hybrid inverter

Blue Nova 5.12kVA BP battery

Pramac 8kVA LPG generator. (Gas water heating and gas stove obviously)

Linked to grid with the DB split to accommodate heavy load bearing units on Grid only.

Priority set to load the battery from grid, during load shedding trigger the generator to start at low battery voltage only.

Phase 2:

Another one, maybe two Axpert 5kVA

Another Blue Nova 5.12 Battery

Just to up the load carrying capability and update the DB to the additional energy available.

Phase 3:

Add solar panels and change priority to Solar first, battery charge second.


Why phased approach - it costs money, lots and lots of money 🙂

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