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The demise of ICC


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Hey all,


I had ICC running on a Raspberry Pi connected to my Axpert 5kVA and for nearly two years, that worked quite well. But recently ICC started "freezing" more and more to the point where it didn't switch back to grid on time at night and I'd wake up in the morning to a dark house because the inverter shut itself off due to the battery voltage dropping below the shut off threshold.


I tried to contact ICC about this freeze issue but I can only say the responses have been nothing short of rude. Also, apparently he has suddenly decided to charge customers an extra $20 to "upgrade" to a new version and will not help anyone that doesn't pay for this "upgrade".


I'm seriously looking at a new inverter now that can talk directly to my Pylontechs (the main reason I needed ICC) and keep track of metrics like solar usage , grid usage, and battery's SOC. It's sad because the Axpert + ICC was a nice "budget" solution.


Has anyone had similar issues with ICC recently? Should we just give up on ICC?




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