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Luxpower SNA 5K WPV inverter and SHOTO SDA10-48100 5.12kwh battery

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Hi All,

Total noob here...any help will be greatly appreciated.

I recently got the Luxpower SNA 5K WPV inverter and SHOTO SDA10-48100 5.12kwh battery installed with the goal to use it as an UPS/EPS while I save up to add panels later.  I'm just trying to understand how it should work. 

AC charge is set to run 24/7 which makes sense since its the only source of power right now. The battery is also set to charge 24/7 and this causes a constant power supply of +-51W (varies) to the battery. If I understand correctly this shouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for the Li-ion battery but I wonder if this is the way it is supposed to work? The status indicator light on the battery is constantly blinking and from what I gather in the manual is that the blink sequence means over voltage protect.

Should I change the battery charge settings to rather be based on SOC(%) or voltage e.g. SOC 90 and what is the effect on battery life by doing this? 

Below are screenshots of the only settings I seem to have on this inverter - 





Constant charge shown going to battery:


Lastly what does "on Grid EOD voltage" do in the discharge settings? I thought it might be something to keep the battery topped up without the constant charge but it doesn't seem to have any effect.


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