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New Sunsynk 5kW install


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My Sunsynk 5kW arrived today. This will be paired with a single Hubble AM2 to give whole house backup for load shedding. Will add solar sometime in the future.

I've got a qualified/licensed electrician lined up to install but I'm technical so educating myself to understand how this is wired into the house. From my reading on this forum and elsewhere, a separate DB isn't required if there is enough space in the existing house DB. This means my DB would end up with the following:

  • Meter -> MCB -> EL -> Changeover (mains supply) and non-backup circuits
  • Meter -> MCB -> Isolator/CB -> Inverter -> MCB -> SPD -> EL -> Changeover (backup supply) -> Backup circuits

Is my understanding correct? The Sunsynk manual has the following:

  1. For AC input on page 10 and page 12: Meter -> RCD -> Isolator -> Inverter
    • Why is there an RCS before the inverter? Everywhere I've ready says EL on the inverter output.
    • Can a circuit breaker be used instead of isolator? I realize there's a technical difference but just wondering.
  2. For AC output on page 11: Inverter -> MCB -> SPD + MCB -> Isolator
    • Can the inverter go straight to the SPD since there is an isolator as well?
    • If MCB must be directly after inverter (before SPD), can the isolator then be eliminated since turning off the MCB will cut off the supply?
    • Does there really need to be an MCB after the SPD and going to earth? Or is this actually the house MCB?

Stretching my knowledge on the very last point above so explanation would be appreciated.

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