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Sunsynk Max Solar power question


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Hi Guys 


I have a Sunsynk 8kw Inverter, 24 x JA 455w panels in 2 strings of 2P6S format in an East/West configuration

24 x 455 = 10 920W 

Max DC Power according to the spec sheet I have is 10,400W. I doubt very much I will get over that due to my North/South Split. 

Maximum Voltage/Amperage according to the spec is 500V & 18A+18A which equates to 9kw per MPPT or 18kw in total. 

I was thinking of adding another 8 x 455w panels to my setup as I am within the MPPT's range which would take me to 14 560W which is WELL over the max DC input power. 

Any other suggestions? I was thinking of maybe using a Grid-Tie Inverter and just connecting up some North facing panels, I assume that there must be a limit to the max amount of power I can feed in through the grid-tie port, anyone know what it is? 



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I was also thinking of this. I think what will happen is that you will reach peak power of 10 500w earlier and it will last longer into the afternoon instead of just have one hour of peak pv production. 

It would be cheaper this way than adding a micro inverter on the aux but also a lot more wasteful during the middle of the day. 

Basically instead of having 1kw of production after sunrise, there will now be more panels taking your production to maybe 2kw. It would then plateau earlier in the morning until later in the afternoon. 

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