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Infinisolar 3kW Plus (SOL-I-IS-3M)


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I've just upgraded my inverter so now have the Infinisolar 3kW Plus (Mecer branded) available for sale.
It was originally purchased in in December 2015 and has the main board replaced my Mustek about 16 months ago.
Unfortunately they also replaced the cooling fans at the bottom with lower spec models that do not push the same volume of air as the originals, so the inverter does tend to get hot in summer. They refused to correct it... I had rigged up a fan on a timer to run 20 minutes every hour which seemed to help.

I'm asking R6000 (or nearest offer)
I'm in Strand, Western Cape.



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45 minutes ago, Scorp007 said:

Don't you think the price is stiff seeing one can get a new 24V 3000W Axpert type with warranty for R5 500?

I don't think a 24v 3k Axpert and a 48v 3k Plus Infinisolar are in the same class, new Infinisolar 3k Plus are around R15k...
My price is negotiable, but obviously not wanting to just about give it away...

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