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Industrial Solar Inverters


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Hi Guys


I have a question.

The big guys like Vodacom or Factories who Solar their entire roofs.

I am trying to understand this:

My understanding of Grid Tie inverters is that if the Eskom grid to fail, the Inverter would shut down and not be able to harvest the power from the solar. (Offsetting the Grid).

Does this mean that the factories that have their roofs lined with Solar Panels are not able to use their solar power if the main eskom shuts down?


If they can, how does the inverter supply and distribute the power with absence of grid or generator? Maybe Giant Electronically controlled capacitors? I am a bit clueless. 

Thanks Guys


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the way mine is that the grid tie system supplies firstly a bi directional inverter with its battery bank and only then does it go to distribution.

So what happens is when there is a failure the galvanic isolation kicks in and the bi directional takes over, the moment the grid comes back on line the bidirectional stays on and replenishes the batteries then goes offline and the grid tie does its thing.

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