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Complicating my setup?

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Hi all.

Newbie here. I recenrtly completed my solar installation. Current setup is 8 conventional batteries (48V) with a Victron EasySolar MPPT 8kw inverter. We have 9 Canadian Solar 320W panels on the roof.

The house has 3 phase supply. When we installed the solar/inverter we put the majority of the house onto one phase and run the inverter grid tied on that phase. The second phase does the dishwasher and swimming pool (1.1kw pump) and part of the oven while the third phase does the geyser (solar indirect) and the rest of the hob/oven.


What we are finding is that we waste solar capacity because the demand sometimes is less than the delivered power. What I was wondering is would it be possible to have some way to switch some of the second phase circuits onto the first phase? i.e a phase switching setup? So the pool pump could run off the solar if there was excess capacity but not be on the solar/inverter phase during loadshedding...


Secondly, I'm unclear as to the best way to set up the system in such a way that we gain some benefit from having the batteries in situ when there is no loadshedding - ie. set the system up to  run from the batteries for some of the night?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated


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Hi there, i don't know much about the inverter you have, but i know for a fact that Sunsynk inverter can handle the set up you want. 

Maybe look into changing your inverter. It has a CT coil that supply power to non essential devices( in my case, geyser, oven)

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