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Need help with off grid power


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                We are off-grid in Southwest New Mexico, USA.  For the last 25 years we have used Hydro power with a backup generator for our electricity needs.  Changes in weather patterns are causing our river to diminish.  I do not think it would be out of the question for the river to completely stop flowing above ground some day.  We need to upgrade our system so we are not exclusively reliant on the river and generator.

Power Consumption Profile:

                The hydro plant, as it is, produces 4.5 kW continuous power output.  We have an electronic load manager system where you can assign a priority to certain loads and the manager will automatic turn lower priority loads on and off based on power availability.  This effectively allows for higher average power consumption.  Due to the nature of our operations here the load profile varies considerably over time and seasonally.  Our overall consumption can be anywhere between 1.75 kW to very close to 4.5 kW continuous for weeks at a time.  (The Load Manager makes it possible to operate close to 4.5 kW average consumption).

                We have good sun exposure here so Solar Power is a possibility.  Wind Power might be a possibility.  Seems like some hybrid combination of Hydro/Solar/Wind might be the best solution.  Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how to proceed with this project?  Could anybody help, or know someone or some business or group who could help as a consultant on this project?

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