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Axpert clone - interpreting QPIGS


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Hi everyone, I have a 3kW Axpert clone (Solar Solved brand) that I have a RaspPi connected and returning the inverter status by using the QPIGS command.

I have two questions that I hope someone a lot smarter than me can help with:

1) I am struggling with interpreting the results to figure out when the inverter is in bypass mode.  Here is an export of a typical result:


Despite switching between bypass mode (or not) when the load is too high the "Status" field (e.g. 10010110) never changes and I can't see what other field to use to determine if I am running in bypass mode.  Do I need to use a different command and poll that, or am I just being dumb here?

2) Every now and again the inverter load drops to 0, even though there are permanent things on it drawing power (fridge, NVR).  It doesn't seem to be related to bypass mode or anything else I can see.  Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!




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Hi Willem,

Looking in the comms manual, I don't see anything referring to bypass mode for bits 84 to 90 - They mostly seem to be pertaining to charging status and a few other things...

QMOD on the other hand, returns, and I quote "Device Mode inquiry" -
Power On Mode - P -Power on mode
Standby Mode - S -Standby mode
Line Mode - L -Line Mode
Battery Mode - B -Battery mode
Fault Mode CODE(M) - F -Fault mode
Power saving Mode - H -Power saving Mode

How are you reading the data? Node Red?

I haven't had a chance to write the direct comm flow in Node red yet, I currently use Solpiplog, but am wanting to move away from it and talk to my inverter directly... If you are using Node Red, would you be so kind as to share your comms routines with me?


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Aha, thank you Ed, let me do that (use the QMOD command) and revert with the results here, I appreciate the quick response!

>> How are you reading the data? Node Red?

I am using Python to connect directly to the serial port.



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