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Sunsynk 5kW fault codes + general UI questions


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Hi all,


Recently installed Sunsynk (5 weeks running OK and impressed with the machine). It threw out the following codes this morning - have checked forums and manuals - wondering if anyone has seen them before. I suspect bad grid power has something to do it - will see how it runs tonight again.

Sunsynk 5Kw

2 x Pylontech US3000C

10 x JA 455s

(Used in area with Prepaid meter)


Hoping someone can help with:

1. Anyone seen any of the codes before? Particularly F03. Also why F13 is continuously coming up every 2/3mins before the DC Low came up. It might be linked to this - but what would prevent the inverter from switching to grid when the batteries reach the specified time of use SOC - e.g. 35% below? Bad grid being filtered by the inverter settings?

2. CT coil - have watched the videos - I have the old software. The software has a “HM” signal to show wattage and this is reflecting a negative wattage - which I take to mean they installed it the wrong way? I know it clearly says CT on the new software - just confirming my assumption that this used to be “HM” on the old screens? I’m set to Zero export>Load only so hopefully no impact. Will correct the CT coil and switch to HM load too.

3. When exporting once battery is full to non essentials - this is ONLY excess solar right? I.e. non essentials will not use battery.

4. My time of use functions are included below. I’ll tweak them a bit for loadshedding - however - what would happen if I changed the 35% to say - 50% in all lines that have 35%. And the Grid went off. Would the time of use settings mean that I couldn’t use my power if my batteries were down to 50%? Or does time of use get overridden when grid is shut down.


Thanks - apologies if these have been asked elsewhere. Has anyone received the beta of the new data logger? Interested to know thoughts.


Cheers and thanks in advance.


Time of use:



Fault codes - note grid was down when pic was taken. I suspect bad grid caused this but not sure why the inverter didn’t switch to the grid when the batteries hit 35%.


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If you have old software, then as a start, I'd recommend updating it.

On your error codes, I have never seen them before, F56 is a battery related error, check cables, connections, battery discharge settings and condition of battery. F13 seems informational, suggests that someone was changing grid mode / work mode parameters. And as for F03, I don't know what GFDI stands for.

If your CT coil is installed incorrectly then the CT value in the info screen will be negative:


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