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RCT 5KW Inverter and Synapses(Pylontech) 3.55kWh Battery


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Good Day

I have gone through all the questions and answers but cannot get to a solution on my unit. I have a Older RCT 5Kw unit(2014) I have now installed a synapses(Pylontech) 3.55kW Battery. The issue I am having is that in the evening the unit does not run on the battery till the back to grid voltage is reached. Directly there is no more solar, it goes over to mains instead of running on battery first.


My unit is set to SBU. I also only use solar to charge my batteries so setting 16 - OSO

Manie from ICC also said to set the back to discharge voltage higher (54V)than the float voltage(53.2V) which I have done. I have even gone to 55V on the back to discharge to ensure they way apart but it does not help. I have also tried running the unit with ICC controlling it through SOC but it does not react to the SOC setup in ICC.


Not sure if anyone can assist

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