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DIY Off-grid system. To Sunsynk, or not?


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I'm planning an off-grid system at a facility of us in Gauteng.

I have installed a couple of systems over the years, but it is not my job.

The plan is to use an 8Kw Sunsynk inverter for the system.

I recently started doing some research on the inverter because they are relatively new to our market. I watched a video where the manufacturer communicates how eager he is to help guys from our country. I was impressed.

I also watched a video where, what seems like the local importer, communicates that he only supports installers. That excludes me, and a lot of guys on the forum who installed Sunsynk product themselves.

Are you guys comfortable being excluded from support by the importer?

Please share your experience, as I really like what I read about the brand.

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Hi B

Yes, off-grid, as in no eskom.

Will you be happy with an Axpert Max in an off-grid system? Reliability, endurance, back-up/support and so on?

I am thinking 8kW inverter, 8kW panels and 10kW storage. Which components will you use for the system?

Thanks for the help.


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Yes with no Eskom I would be very happy with an axpert max 8kw. Voltronics axperts are tried and tested and I'm hoping for @Coulomb and @87 Dream to come with their wisdom.

Everything ofcource depends on budget. If I was building a eskom free system I would buy:

1. Axpert max 8kw +- R16k

2. 20kw lithium storage in any one of these flavors freedomwon(+-R120k) dyness(+-(R110k) pylontech (+-R110k).


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52 minutes ago, 87 Dream said:

I am no Sunsynk Fundi but what I can say is that I know that the Sunsynks require a battery to work. 


Let's not start spreading false information on the forum. SunSynk CAN work without battery. There is a video from Keith on YouTube, which explains that configuration.

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Yes 87, I was just correcting a blanket statement "SunSink can not run without battery", for the same of not spreading false information on the forum. Someone new can come across this thread and just read that statement without understanding the context.

But in this case, for off-grid system, I fully agree with you. SunSynk is not the best option for such scenario and I wouldn't use it myself either, if I was planning to go completely off-grid.

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Hello 87dream

Im new to this forum and not sure of what the “making contact” rules are?

I have read a few of your threads and would like to make contact for purposes of a quaote for a system installation. Can you or are you allowed send me your contact details?

Kind regards


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This forum has been a great source of information for me over years. For that reason I greatly appreciate the inputs of members like 87 Dream and Buyeye. I (we all) have little to gain from brand bashing or guys who are sensitive about certain products causing them not to see the shortcomings.

As an example: I spoke to 2 suppliers about Axpert (one is not an "anti-Axpert" guy, the other is very much a "pro-Victron" and "pro-Sunsynk" guy). One says that he has been installing Axpert for 8 years. Only one problematic site. It was later found that the electrician wiring an extension to the building made a mistake with the wiring - not the inverter's fault. The other guy says that the longest he has ever seen an Axpert last is 18 months. He guarantees me that if I connect solar panels to that machine, it will pack up within the first 3 days. He regards their average lifetime as a couple of months (as long as you don't connect solar panels to it).

Should one consider Axpert, the calculations make for interesting reading (this is based on quotations I received). For the price of Victron equipment that will provide 6.5kW of power, you can buy 4 Axperts providing 8kW. I fully realize that this is not comparing apples with apples, but if we decide to compare rands with rands, we can buy 4 Axperts, install 1, (through it away after a couple of months, according to my supplier above), and have 3 paid for inverters on the shelf to install. Should 3 Axperts outlast 1 Victron, it made some financial sense.

Are there more suggestions for an inverter?

(I am slightly concerned about the abundance of reading material, also on this site, where Axpert problems need to be addressed with updated software. There's a lot written about Sunsynks needing updates as well, btw. My perception is that a quality product comes sorted from it's mother, gets installed, and works).

Thanks again for all the good inputs.

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